Making videocore API

Did anybody try to install videocore API, on linux EMLID image? For me it fails with error.
Does anybody have experience of building it from sources?

What exactly do you mean? If it’s not installed, you can apt-get install raspberrypi-userspace-src-emlid. We needed to package it differently.

ah… OK. I didn’t know. I’ve just tried to install it as
sudo apt-get install libraspberrypi0
cause I din’t know better solution.

This is indeed not clear but the urge to disclose this information just hasn’t come up until now. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks! I’ll try!

Unfortunately after installation it didn’t give me header files. So there is no dir /opt/vc/include afterwards :frowning:

Sorry, it took me so long to reply. I’ll have a look at the issue in the days to come and see what I can do to fix it as soon as possible.