Make and model of the RS2 battery

Can anyone tell me the make / model of the RS2 LiFePO4 battery?


Hi @dpsprink,

We’ve just answered you over email.

I may also receive the information given to (dpsprink) on the battery ?

I would like to know also brand and model.

Hi @Sergio, @gujahu,

Reach RS2 has a standard built-in LiFePO4 6400 mAh, 6.4 V battery. It is capable of lasting for 16 hours while the receiver works as a 3.5G RTK rover and 22 hours if the receiver is logging.

May I ask you to clarify why you need info about its brand and model?

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In case the original battery breaks down. to be able to replace it

Thanks for the information :wink:

Hi Rafa,

I am afraid you won’t find exact same battery. Let us know if the battery of your unit fails via and we’ll check how we can help.

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