Major wifi problems on Dev 2.15.4

I have my units updated to Dev 2.15.4 and I have having major wifi issues. I can not just simply change from hotspot to known WIFI. And when I connect to the hotspot, my PC is not opening the browser via IP address. So I think something may be wrong in firmware for this release. Anyone else having wifi issues on the 15.4 release?

Maybe reflash to STABLE to see if works again? I wouldn’t depend on a DEV version if you need to get things done.

Reach RS+ model? Or Reach RS?

I dunno, but seems to be QUITE a bit of posts of wifi / hotspot problems?

It is the Reach RS. I have 2 so I am going to flash one back to stable. Then I can compare the two. I should have not updated both to dev :frowning: .

So what I think I have recreated several times is this:

  1. Connect to Reach RS Hotspot
  2. Either enter new “Known Network” or select existing one and click on CONNECT.
    You will get message that you must reconnect to new network.
  3. The Reach RS will lose the Network (blue light). You will have to manually power down the Reach RS and reboot it.
  4. Then the Reach RS will connect to the Known network and all is back to normal. So something is happening during the swap from Hotspot to Known network.

Try this findings from this thread: Connecting new Reach RS+ and M+ to WiFi - #2 by wizprod

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