mAh of Reach RS battery?

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Does anyone here know the mAh of Reach RS battery? ? I want to travel with it and I need to check with with airport check-in rule. Please kindly let me know.

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Let’s say Reach RS consumes 5V power and it could draw up to 320mA. That is 1.6 Watts.

Reach is said to last 30 hours which we assume to be at a 1.6 Watt draw. That’s roughly 48Watt-hours.

The individual cell voltage is likely 3.2V, so if the battery’s cells are wired in parallel, then the draw is 48Wh / 3.2V or 15,000mAh. But if the battery had three cells and is wired in series, then the voltage is 9.6V and so:
48Wh / 9.6V is 5,000mAh

So, maybe your answer is 5000, or maybe it is 15000, but I think we should wait for a more official answer.

Anyhow, it seems to me that a current-capacity like mAh is the wrong units for an airport security to be checking for.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to be checking for energy capacity in kWh or Joules?

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