Magnetic Compass - Fail Error (Agriculture Quadcopter 15 L FERTILIZER-SPREADER)


After completing the test manual flying of my agriculture drone with empty payload, I did the log analysis, and found compass fail error:

Test: Compass = FAIL- Large change in mag_field (82.34%)

For Drone I am using:

  • P 80 100KV T motor

  • Flame 80A ESC

  • 30 x 10.5 Propeller

  • 12s12p 44.4V 34.8Ah Li-ion battery (Dimension - 25x25x7 cm , 7cm thickness)

  • Flight controller - EDGE


Battery is placed on the top cover of fuselage. and from battery Gps position is 15 cm above).

Note: Before my test flying, I completed the Compass calibration process.

My queries are -

  1. Why Compass is showing that much of error ( Compass = FAIL- Large change in mag_field (82.34%))?
  2. Is UAVCAN GNSS contain only External compass?
  3. Is there internal compass in EDGE.
  4. How to solve magnetic compass error?



I think that this thread looks similar to yours:

There’re also some useful tips on how to prevent EM field effect and try to get rid of the error.

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Compass error (Magnetic interference) is obviously present because as i m working at a place where there is so much aluminium work is going on and also the metal noise also induces the interference according to be but if we work at isolated place then does it makes a difference ?

It’s hard to say without tests.
Do you have an opportunity to make one outside this place?

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