Mac M3 Processing Issues


Is there any news on when a version of EmlidStudio that fully works on an Apple Mac M3 Pro system might be available?

Currently, versions 1.7 and 1.8 will only partly process results, meaning that I keep having to move files and results between workstations (either to older intel Mac OS machines, or run Redtoolbox on a Virtual PC) in order to process them & this gives major headaches (& slowdowns) in keeping track of what files are where & what processing has or hasn’t been done.

At present EmlidStudio 1.8 can do the following on a Mac M3Pro with Sonoma (it doesn’t matter which version of Sonoma…):

Works Fully

  • Static Processing - Generates Solution file without a problem.
  • Kinematic Processing - Generates Solution file without a problem.

Partly works, but won’t process final files…

  • Stop & Go with Emlid Flow - creates solution file, but sticks at ‘Preparing’ when attempting to correct project csv file.
  • Drone Data - creates Timestamp solution, but sticks at ‘Preparing’ when trying to process folder with photos.

There are one or two other issues too, but these are the major ones!


Hi @ElectroNick,

Thank you for the follow-up!

The developers are aware of this issue, but we do not yet have an ETA for the fix I can share. I will keep you updated with any progress.