MAC address of device?

Where can i find the MAC address of an RS2?
I can’t see it in the short log file, and the full log file has a lot of folders and files to search through!

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Reading this topic Two RS+ Devices have same MAC address - #9 by bide
Is using SSH the best way to get the MAC address?
Or is the MAC address somewhere in the full log report files? Can anyone advise?

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Hi @ecw,

You can find the MAC address in the Full System report in the wifi/nmcli_output file. For example for our test RS2 MAC address will be D4:12:43:53:B6:DA. Can you share for what purposes you need a MAC address?

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Awesome, found it now. Thank you.
Our IT dept. asked for it when i reported that the device was losing its connection to the wifi.

I have another topic about our RS2 base station keep losing its connection to the wifi network. RS2 as base station, keeps losing connection to wifi
It seems to happen every few days. A reboot reconnects it.