M300 or M3E + RS2+ over know fixed point

Can someone please explain the easiest way to connect my RS2+ to M300 when using the RS2+ as a base station and setting it up over a known fixed point.

I use the following process but getting mixed results. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t it says “converging” and I get “RTK connected, RTK data not in use” in the m300 controller. With reach app i set up local ntrip.

My process is as follows using wifi:

  1. Turn on rs2+
  2. Personal hotspot turned on on my iphone
  3. in my iphone i connect to reach:36:a2 - when i do this i see in orange that “no internet connection” appears.
  4. Open reach app and connect to rs2+
  5. Wifi light on the rs2+ stays white and doesn’t go blue

I won’t go through the rest of the process as that’s fairly straight forward but there’s clearly an issue at this early stage that isn’t covered in any of the online material i can see.


Hi Ian,

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During the first setup, it’s important to connect your phone to your receiver’s hotspot and open Emlid Flow. After that, add the hotspot credentials of your iPhone as a new network on the Wi-Fi tab. Connect to it, and turn on your phone’s hotspot. The receiver will search for your phone’s hotspot. To make the next steps easier, you can follow our guide. If you face any difficulties, feel free to reach out to us.

Once you have connected to your Reach RS2+, you need to connect the drone controller so that it will be on the same network as your Reach.

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Hi Ian, you can also use Local NTRIP, rather than dealing with connecting to a separate hotspot. Here is a video on that, Configuring Your Emlid Reach RS2 as a Base for Your Drone - YouTube

Thanks and i can connect receiver to drone, controller etc but when in the m300 control and the RTK settings it says “RTK connect. RTK data not in use”. How do i fix this issue?

It could be a handful of things. First, I would go into base settings and make sure there is a base coordinate established, and that it is correct. The other piece you can do is go to base output and toggle off the output, then set it back to Local NTRIP. At some point there was a bug, not sure if on the Emlid side or M3E side, and that base output toggling seems to fix the issue.

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