M2Base / Base Station kit for Reach M2

The folks at Mettatec.com just released a DIY Kit to turn the M2 into a GNSS Base Station. Even though it’s still in backorder it looks interesting. What I see is that they use a multiband antenna with up to 44dB of gain:
B2 / L2 / G2 / B3 / E5b / E6: 44dB
B1 / L1 / G1 / E1 / E2: 42dB
And I see an image that shows a very interesting centimeter precision in single mode.
Has anyone already tried it?



And the Kit ready to use:


Pretty cool enclosure ! Price is kinda high at $450 though, however they’ve design a good enclosure along with antenna, fan for cooling and batteries. After thinking (it’s dangerous for me) it’s really not that bad of a cost. I’ll have to consider this for at least one of my M2’S. I’m surprised Emlid hasn’t thought about this, although maybe they have one in design and is keeping it under wraps.

Thanks for finding and posting this Julio !


Not a bad price. No fuss add a M2.

I want to build mine again. I used a Pelican 1060 case. This was for use with an Emlid helical GNSS antenna. I now have a Beitian BT-300 that I want to mount on top of a 5" PVC and put my batteries/radio and converters in.


Thanks for sharing. Seems like a logical solution that surprises me there aren’t allot more of.

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I don’t understand how they say centimeter precision in Single mode. I don’t think this is possible.
The picture shows the estimated internal accuracy of 15cm horizontal and 28cm vertical so I think this is misleading advertisement.
Anyway the kit seems nice.

Where did you see that? Maybe related to PPK?

From the pictures it looks like a 3D printed enclosure (I can see layer lines) with bolted on third party components. Considering the antenna can be between 200-300$, if it’s truly 3D printed and not a prototype before injection molding, I feel the price is a bit steep.

But then again, my reaction is probably because I could make something similar on my own.


Hmm, I don’t know how that would be possible.

The price of the kit pushes me to the might as well get an RS2 level.

You are at $617 for an M2 and lora already, so plus $450, your now at $1067 with a fragile case and tiny batteries. So basically they are selling you an expensive Antenna.

I think for the extra $1100, the sleek styling, bigger battery, added functions, cellular modem and weatherproof housing of the RS2 are worth it.


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Update, ending promo. First come first serve. I think there are 5 left.



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Ready to slap some Emlid stickers on!


Would love to analyze a 24h ubx/Rinex file from that setup. That antenna looks interesting.
Is that something you can provide?

Hi. I will upload a link with UBX files of the M2 inside the kit soon.

I just see this setup video of the M2Base Station Kit:

Best regards.


Still waiting for mine. “It’s on the way.”

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Is this version 1? Appears different. 3d printed versus extruded aluminum, injection molded caps.