M2 wont boot

Ok, I’ve run into a new problem with my M2. I am using it in a LiDAR kit that has a raspberry pi 4, livox lidar, and inertial sense INS. Out of the M2 I am running the TX wire on S1 that is split out to the INS and the RPI. When I connect the dupont wire to GPIO 10 for UART, it causes the M2 to not want to boot properly. When I disconnect it but leave it connected to the INS, the M2 will boot fine. I thought maybe there was some type of feedback coming from the RPI into the M2 that would cause it to not boot. Does anyone have any suggestions?

If you measure voltage between the grounds of the two devices is it 0 or does it show a value?

So I have a 5v buck converter that leads to a jst splitter. One side to the M2 and the other to the RPI. You want me to measure the voltage at the ground? There isn’t a ground between the M2 and RPI but both are connected to the same ground from the buck.

Ok my worry was if they were off two separate power supplies and had a difference in ground potential.

But if they are tied to the same negative thats not it.

Next i would measure gpio 10 to ground. If it is truly rx it should have no voltage.

But to add to this mystery, did this setup work before in the past?

Yea it’s worked previously. The only thing that changed was that I updated the firmware to the most recent stable version. Now somethings it will boot and other times it will hang. If I unplug 10, it boots with no issues.

Hi Seth,

Please, check your PM. I’ve written to you there regarding further steps.

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