M2 with DJI M300 and Micasense dual cameras


We fly the DJI M300 with Micasense dual cameras in RTK(local NTRIP) with an RS3 base. The drone is flying in RTK, but the Micasense cameras aren’t getting RTK corrections, and therefore the picture exif isn’t either. I have been having a hard time getting the Micasense dual P (pan sharpened) to align between flights in Agisoft and am thinking about adding the Emlid Reach M2. As I understand it, the M2 would then be receiving and logging the same corrections from the RS3? This would coincidentally allow us to PPK. I’m just a little nervous about the setup. Where would I place the M2? Which antenna and where on the M300 should it go? The Micasense guide is quite detailed, How to integrate Emlid Reach RTK with MicaSense Sensors – MicaSense Knowledge Base, but it would be great to hear from anyone who has actually done this.

Skyport integration isn’t possible for your setup? In theory, RTK integration is possible through the payload SDK, we do it with our RedEdge-P.

I’m wondering what would happen if two independent cameras were connected with their own separate skyport sockets on DJI’s dual gimbal bracket instead of Micasense’s dual kit.

Hi Jake, DJI has a closed ecosystem, so it is hard to integrate it with 3rd-party equipment. The camera on the DJI Drones is not compatible with a hot shoe connection so that it won’t synchronize with M2.

Where would I place the M2? Which antenna and where should it go?

I can’t really guide you through a custom setup. However, maybe other members have experience with this.

When you place a module, you need to calculate the offset from the camera’s center. I googled and found this page that might help with the steps to measure the offset. Currently, Emlid Studio only supports z offset, but after geotagging, you can process the images to the photogrammetry software and add the x,y, and z offsets to adjust them.

Thanks for the reply, I have confirmed with AgEagle that the dual camera are not compatible with skyport. Interesting idea on splitting the cameras. I’ll have to give that more thought.

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