M2 will not power up when power provided via S1 port

It is my understanding that the M2 (and M+) should be run fine when providing 5v to the C1, C2, S1, or S2 port. I have the Seagull #MAP-X2 feeding 5v to the S1 port and the orange light will come on but the M2 will not power up. When I plug in the USB power then it works fine.

Emlid, can you please let me know what the problem might be here? I have the Hotshoe plug going to the C1 and using a split to send the timing signal to both the M2 and the Seagull. Should power be brought in on that port or will I have the same problem.

Any help will be appreciated. I have tested functionality with power going to the USB ports and all it working nicely.

Thanks for your help.


@tatiana.andreeva , can you help me with this problem?

Hi Tim,

Usually, when only one LED lights up, it means that the supplied power is not enough for the unit. Reach M2 has stronger requirements for the power supply than Reach M+.

May I ask you if you have tried powering up the device via S1 port using another power source? This might help check if there is an issue with the port or the power supply.

Do I understand correctly that you use the GPS port on Seagull to supply the power to Reach M2?

Thank you Polina. It shows right at 5v on my meter but I will simply feed power to the S2 port from the UBEC and not feed power via the seagull device. That should solve the problem. Thank you for getting back with me!

I did not clarify that I was running the 5v from the GPS port on the Seagull to the S1 port on the M2. But I think the best option is to feed power to both units individually from the uBEC that will be connected to the power source.

Hi Tim,

It seems like the GPS port on Seagull #MAP-X2 doesn’t provide enough power for Reach M2. It might indeed be better to power both devices individually. Please make sure that the power is not supplied to the receiver twice.

I found out that power must be provided to the rail on the Seagull and NOT the USB port. The voltage is lowered on the USB port and therefore results in not enough power being passed to the M2 via the S1 port. All should be good now. Thanks again for your help!



Good to know you managed to find the cause of the issue! If there are any further issues, please, feel free to contact us on the community forum or via email at support@emlid.com.