M2 /w DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2

G’day all,
I’m looking to upgrade my survey gear by installing an M2 on my drone. I know that the DJIs dont support hotshoing for the M2 but have seen the Metta kit:

I have searched the forum for METTA with no luck on reviews. How is everyone else installing the M2 on the phantoms? Any reviews?
I’m doing cut and fill measurements with GCPs at this stage and will continue to use GCPs, but looking to reduce the number.


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Looks interesting… Cost is reasonable. I have the M2’s, but need drone and UAV pilot license. It’s on my horizons and I can see it !

I’d like to have a LIDAR package though… hard to see the ground through the trees.

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Which country are you in Bryan?

USA, South Carolina

We have state wide LIDAR available and I use it mainly for clients when doing boundary surveys of large tracts to help the client see what he’s buying. The LIDAR was flown in 2008, there’s rumors that it will be re-flown in the near future. I can’t get any definite answers from state DNR officials. If I know that the area hasn’t had any vertical changes (earthwork, grading), I’ll use it to supplement our ground topography. Vertical accuracy in the original data reports are +/- 0.1 meter. We always carry elevations whether using terrestrial traverse or RTK. The accuracy of the LIDAR is amazing when ground truthing using road intersections and other fixed landmarks in the data. Even in wooded areas, it’s amazing how close it fits with our data. That’s what I’m hoping we can get into in the next year or two.

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