M2 to Airpixel Entire

So I’ve been working with the airpixel developers to be able to pull the gps data from an M2 into the Entire unit to embed into the Sony A7rii photos. When I go into the entires menu and see the gps data, the height is not the same as what is being shown in the M2 screen. Any ideas why they wouldn’t be identical? It’s using the ERB connector under UART.

Can you post a few screenshots to illustrate the issue further?

Seth, I’ve seen this too in a different application.

Is the difference you’re seeing the ARP to phase center height (13.4mm),

No its larger than that. Speaking with the Airpixel Devs, it appears to be the offset of the GEOID. They are working on an update to the FW.

Hi Seth,

At the moment, Reach receivers currently work with ellipsoidal heights only. Would you mind elaborating if your software calculates the orthometric heights?

Also, it would be great if you share the answer from the Airpixel developers.

Yes that was exactly the issue. So the airpixel developers changed the message read over to ellipsoidal height and it worked perfectly.