M2 TCP Client -Get PPK Files


I wonder if it’s possible once connected to an M2 with iOS/Android using a TCP client (phone is client, M2 is server) to get the PPK files.

For exemple, I do a survey, at the end I want to be able to get the PPK files and send them elsewhere from this survey to do PPK later.

Has it bone before ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Alexis, you mean being able to retrieve and share the raw data files without using ReachView ? This should be possible with rsync or via SSH with the following credentials.
u: reach
p: emlidreach
In the /data folder if I remember correctly. Not sure and cannot test right now :frowning:

Hi @alexis.delforges,

The easiest way to get recorded logs is via ReachView 3. Depending on which apps installed on your phone, you can send them to email or a cloud drive, like Google, Dropbox or something.

If you need to download many logs at once, you can access Reach via browser by its IP address.