M2 S2 Connector

Are all of the pins on the S2 connector when connecting the LoRA Radio unit used? I’m using an M2 to feed fix coordinates into a LiDAR setup. Currently I have the TX pin on the M2 S1 going into my INS but also need to feed NMEA messages into a raspberry pi for the trajectory files. Any recommendations?

S2 is Emlid Lora only

If you need the same nmea info twice just tee the tx wire after the 232 converter.


Yeah that’s the direction I went. Waiting for my coder to check it out and make sure it works. I’ve been told it isn’t good to splice a serial connection but it was the only option I could think of.

If you need two way communication I fully agree its not the best.

But for one way if everyone is playing near the same voltage levels, tx is just a radio station.

Good way to build a 232 sniffer!

Hi Seth,

It is not possible to output NMEA messages via S2 port. However, you still can use the micro-USB port for such a purpose and avoid splitting the serial connection from S1. You can use any of the available ports to power up the M2 via the 5V and GND pins.

Using the usb, anything special that needs to be set in the settings to use both serial connections?

Hi Seth,

All you need is to enable the position output in both Output 1 and Output 2 over Serial Port in the Position output menu:

So I’ve tried to use both USB-OTG and USB to PC and when I do, the reachview interface goes dead. I cant get in to make any changes or see anything.

Hi Seth,

We’ll try to reproduce the issue. It would be great if you could provide the pictures of your hardware setup so that we could have a deeper understanding of what might affect such behavior.

Also, could you clarify the firmware version you are using?

I haven’t messed with the USB-OTG config on my M2. I will try it once and see what I get. I have spit the TX wire like PotatoFarmer stated. Since it is one way communication, it works fine.

I am assuming BT isn’t an option. I have used serial and BT simultaneously in the past.

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