M2 rtk module is out of stock

exact date be available in emlid store

Hi Joseph,

We expect it to be back in stock soon. A rough estimation is the Reach M2 will be available around 3-5 Feb 2021. Once the unit is available for purchase, its status in the Emlid Store will change.

I know I’m reviving an old thread, but the availability date has been pushed back one month twice. Is this because new batches are entirely consumed by backorders or is there trouble with manufacturing lead times? I was waiting until there is stock to order but I’m wondering if I should put the order through right now to reserve a spot in line.

The dealer I got mine from is Event38. They have all of Emlid’s receivers and assesories. When I ordered mine a year ago, I had it in hand in about 4 days. I just ordered a LoRa radio and a couple assesories last 3 weeks ago, again I had it in about 4 days. They are very knowledgeable about Emlid’s equipment. Good prices too.

i think you should place order in advance. i did it, thats what emlid tell

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Hey everyone,

I just want to second that it’s better to place your orders in advance: currently, our stock is consumed by backorders.

It might be quicker to purchase from a dealer in your country. The full list of our dealers can be found on our website.

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i have placed my order last month.