M2 rfd

Hello everyone
I want connect rfd 868 to m2
And I have questions

  1. Can I use m2 with rfd as a Base. And m2 with Lora as a rover rtk ?
  2. Is rdf better Lora or same distance?
    3.is m2 same ship rs2 ?
  3. For multiband . What is the degree of sky view?
  4. I want to build case for m2 as 3dprint is there a free design

Yep, perfectly possible.


As good as possible. GNSS in general requires
very good sky view for reliable and repeatable results.

Yep, there a many designs out there for ground use.
Only thing I will say is get a design that uses a patch style antenna (like harxon gps500 or sparkfun top106) and not a helical/helix design.


What the distance I can get with rfd radio

Hi Islam,

It depends on the physical capabilities of the particular radios. Usually, the radios’ specs mention the maximum range for the devices.

The RFD900 will not communicate with Emlid’s M2 LoRa radio. You would need to connect another RFD or a 3DR SIK radio to the M2 in order to communicate. I haven’t found another LoRa radio that will communicate with Emlids.

You either need to use two Emlid radios or two matching 3rd party radios


You are absolutely right! For some reason I read it as RFD-to-RFD.

I have done the same thing myself, read it wrong and replied wrong. I know we both try to guide users in the right direction.

Just wanted to make sure SamOo was aware before purchasing and having that “ah, shXt” moment.

I think we have all also been in that spot :smiley:

The rfd modem works really well. I was using a pair for my RS2 and M2 for bathymetry work. Reason was my Lora radio for the M2 was delayed for a month as shipping came to a halt with all the flooding in BC. RFD modems theoretically can transmit to 40km. I presume the would be a yagi or patch antennas. I’ve gotten over 10km with no issue. Both the rfd and Lora won’t do well in canopy. Either way, watch your fresnel zone. Aka, go high lol!

I haven’t done a true range test with my setup but there are affordable ways to do it.

I actually bought a pair of RGD900+ (1W output)and a pair of 3DR SIK radios (1/2W output, they range in price from $40-100 depending on brand). The 3DR pair with the RFD when it was on firmware 1.9 I don’t need the 1W radio on the rover just the base.

I found the Multipoint software for the RFD on their Firmware page and found a corresponding for the 3DR radios, Now I can have multiple rovers connected to one RFD.

As stated above, 900 mhz and vegetation do not go together well.

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