M2 remote access. Is it possible?

I want to ask if it is possible to access remotely a M2 (or RS2) via RV3 or RV2.
For example I setup the M2 as ntrip base connected to a cellphone’s wifi hotspot. Then i go far away with the rover to survey using M2 as the base station.
Something happens to the M2 and I need to access it’s web interface via RV3 or RV2 to check some settings.
Is it possible or i have to go back to M2?

Yes but you need a “static ip” sim in the Base. It costs me $50/month

To get this in Canada you need a business account with the telecom.

ouch!!that’s not good. In the past i used a no-ip service that worked good in my router but in the cell phone it is very difficult I guess.
Thanks for the reply though.

Hi guys,

It’s called the Secure access feature, and it works for Reach RS2 only since it has a built-in cellular modem. This feature is enabled by default and restricts accessing Reach from outside the local network.

You can disable this feature and access Reach remotely. The SIM-card operator should assign a static IP address in this case. However, we don’t recommend using it because Reach has no firewall, and it’s not safe.

So for M2 it is not available.
Thanks for the reply!

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