M2 PPK question

I have an M2 with a dual band antennae in a small boat, and when supplied NTRIP corrections, it does pretty well, but I find the elevation can float several inches or more even during a fix status, which I would like to try and post process and refine. Assigning an accurate water surface elevation over time is central to my work.

There is a CORS site and a NOAA water level station within a mile of each other where I plan my test study because I can download RINEX files for the PPK analysis, and download very precise tide data to compare against my calculations. I plan on floating the boat for a few hours during the ebb or flood near the NOAA station, and to have the M2 record raw observations to Post Process using the Emlid Apps, but wanted to check in with the community for further advice as I have never done this before

Any particular settings I need to select in the M2?
Should I have corrections ON or OFF?
Common user errors to pay attention too?


Hi Darren,

You can choose RINEX 3.03 format and enable all satellite constellations in the Logging settings of Emlid Flow. You can leave Full rate in the Logging interval tab.

On top of that, you can record a raw data in UBX format as backup. UBX file can be used to adjust RINEX file settings in the Converter tool in Emlid Studio.

Corrections input or Base output don’t affect logging settings. Moreover, GNSS settings also won’t impact them, except for the rate. If you choose Full rate in the Logging, it would be the same as in GNSS settings.

The main thing here is the data quality. The requirements are the same as in RTK: you need to isolate Reach from all potential interference sources and place the antenna properly. It’s essential for achieving good outcome.

Thank you for the thorough reply!

Also: The M2 does not record position data as a rover shot, but only streams position to external software via serial port. Will that be an issue? I will have a full record of time and position I can download, but not specifically from the M2.

Hi Darren,

Do you mean whether it affects logging? If so, it won’t impact on it. Reach M2 can simultaneously output its position and record raw logs. That’s one of its pros, I believe.

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