M2 powered by Edge

I know Reach M2 consumes a little bit more power than its predecessors Reach M and M+, can I power the M2 from Edge using the SER1-I2C port? Is it recommended?

My M2 doesn’t turn on in this setup, I got only the light indicating insufficient power.

I use a 5v, 2 amp power pack for my M2’s using as static. They last a long time on a 20,000 power pack. I’ve got about 4-6 hour sessions on the batteries now and they have about 50% left. The M2’s use the Harxon GPS500 antennas.

Hi Gabriel,

Which power source do you use for Edge?


I am using the Edge’s power module from the kit, connected to an 6S high quality lipo battery.

Hi Gabriel,

Edge indeed may not provide enough power for Reach M2. It’s better to power it separately.

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