M2 power supply

We are suggesting M2 to customers from time to time and everything is fine until we get to the part about power. None of the UAV kits include a BEC guaranteed to work with M+/M2 so we ourselves as well as our customers see frequent problems and as a result, the UAV kits are not exactly plug&play. Answers and suggestions from Emlid are always “try another power source” - and that could have been eliminated from the get-go by actually supplying a guaranteed-to-work power source.

I myself are currently using the Cube Mini power brick spliced into the USB cable - because again, most systems cannot power up M2 via USB and according to the documentation you cannot have power both on USB and serial.

So for our uses M2 is “not quite there yet” because powering requires creative solutions.

Question for Emlid - is the Navio2 power module guaranteed to work with M2? Obviously that is something you could check and provide a definitive answer to with the (hopefully) bonus of being able to sell some additional hardware - instead of just suggesting “try something else”. Ideally, if this power module works, it should be included in (or at least pointed out as a suggested accessory for) all UAV kits.

Hi @krisjanis i @,

You can power up the Reach M2 via the Navio2 power module. Here’s the photo of our test setup:

You need to make sure that the Reach M2 power supply is matching these requirements. The BEC should be picked in a way it can deliver enough power at the peak consumption of all components of your system.

I use this buck converter set to 5.5v and haven’t had issues recently with it powering. Now you could also put a splitter with a voltage meter on there to see exactly how much draw the M2 pulls and offset the 5.5v above by that amount. Then when it dips, it will dip down to the 5.5v.

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