M2 Nmea output to intellislope

Hello, trying to output NMEA corrections from a M2 to an agleader intellislope system for a tile plow. Has anyone tried this before? Also trying to verify the S1 connector pinout color code (checking to verify I don’t have the pins out of order). Any help would be appreciated!


I have not heard of this pairing before, all depends if there are “special messages” that cause it not to work. Ag gps systems can be a pain.

but to start off you will need a ttl to rs232 converter, s1 is ttl level. The pinout is in the emlid docs, I would not trust wire colours as I have had two different colour pattern m2 serial harnesses.

Thankyou! I didn’t realize the output from S1 was in ttl. I’ll get a converter ordered. I was previously using a trimble cfx750 to output NMEA messages to the intellislope, but I was running off of a distant rtk tower. I’m assuming the standard is rs232 for Nmea output?

The intellislope requires gga, gsa and vtg at 5hz and 38400 baud.

Switching to an M2 base in field and M2 for the Nmea since I’m using them for combine and tractor steering now… saves an expensive Trimble base.

I appreciate the help mentioning the converter. Any recommendations on a converter?

Here is what I use. I was sending NMEA to an old Trimble 150. Emlid now has selectable NMEA sentences so you will have no issue there.

Make sure to double check pin out I think this was back when i was using an M+

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I bought a five pack on Amazon that looks identical.

Once you get the data in 232 format, everything should work fine.

I used it on a Trimble system.


Hi @advolmer,

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Reach M2 can output these messages at the required rate.

In addition to recommendations from @PotatoFarmer, I hope that Reach M2’s pinout scheme and Position streaming guide will be of much help to you.

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