M2 /M+ own RTK network


I would like to built my own RTK network.

I have several M2 and M+ devices.

For sure M2 has advantages on M+ devices.

Nevertheless, what is the best configuration knowing that i want to use as much as possible the M+ devices i already have.

Should I use a M2 or a M+ as a base station. Same question for the rovers.

Is there any troubles to “mix” these 2 kind of devices?

What is your advice?

best regards.



Hi Stef,

As I understand it, you should use an M2 as the base. This will allow you to use both M2 and M+ as rovers. If you use an M+ as base, then you will only be able to use M+ as rovers and you will not be able to use the M2 as a rover.

This is because the M2 as a rover requires dual frequency corrections from the base (so the base must be an M2, RS2 or other dual frequency receiver)


Hi Stef,

I second @Africawaterdoc suggestions: if you want to create an RTK network, you’d better go with M2 bases.

You can check our post about receivers’ compatibility for more details. It’s about RS2 and RS+ receivers, but the same rules are applicable for M2 and M+ devices.

That’s clear.

thank you @Africawaterdoc and @tatiana.andreeva

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