M2 losing wifi connection during RTK

Have trouble staying connected to my iphone’s wifi during RTK and downloading logs after ppk flights. Keep having to so into settings and reconnect. Iphone 12 with cell data off and just in case I turned the bluetooth off as well. Anyone else seen this?

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What version of firmware are you running? My problems stated w v28.3 and went away with v28.4.

Good to know. currently running 28.3. I didn’t even realize there was a new firmware. Thanks!

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Hi Shaun,

Hmm, haven’t seen reports about issues with the Wi-Fi connection to the iOS hotspot on 28.3. We’ve investigated a similar case with Michael, but the issue was most likely related to a specific Android model there. Updating the receiver to the latest version is a good idea. But the reason for the issue should be something different.

Do you connect your Reach M2 to the mobile hotspot to provide it with the Internet? If so, you need to keep mobile data turned on on the iPhone. Also, please check that the Maximize compatibility option on the iPhone’s Personal hotspot page is enabled. It switches the hotspot to 2.4 GHz and ensures connection to the device.

How often does your receiver disconnect from the iPhone’s hotspot?

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