M2 LoRA Antenna Distance from Unit

Does anyone know how far away I can mount the LoRA antenna from the unit? I’m not referring to the antenna unit from the M2 but rather the actual antenna from the unit the antenna screw on to. I have an extra M2 that I was to permanently Mount inside my office and then mount the GPS and LoRA antenna outside.

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Are you trying to set it up so you can do inside or outside testing?

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The M2 and LoRA unit will be inside. The GPS and LoRA sma antenna will be mounted to the side of the building.

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I’m trying to determine if I run 15 feet of sma cable between the unit and antenna, will that cause any degradation of the LoRA signal.

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Had the M2 Lora in an ammo can with the m2, lead acid battery and solar charge controller. Connected about 5ft of rg58 coax wound up in there plus another 5 making its way out to a 915mhz high gain fibreglass antenna. Had zero issues with this setup except better transmitting distance.

Also remote mounted the Emlid Lora antenna on the Tractor through about 6ft of that really thin coax for cellphone, still no issue.

15-20ft would be the max i go with such small wattage with the thin cable usually attached rg316?
You will get some losses no matter what. If you have the wallet size to get some LMR240 cable you will lose next to nothing over 100 feet. at about $11cdn per foot with sma connectors

This is a choice bound more by the loss characteristics of the cable than the connector type.

I think you should experiment and have fun!


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