M2 internal error

Hi all,

My M2 just stopped working, the green status light is steady off after booting.
During booting quick green flash as always, but now I have a steady OFF.

Despite it is connected to the network, I can not connect and receive an error 500 Bad gateway internal error.

I tried to reflash from v27.1 but still like that.

Any idea ? is it dead ?

Hi Guillaume,

  • If the blue LED is blinking, please try to access the Updater page by entering Reach_IP_address/updater_panel in a browser address bar. This way, we can check if your Reach passes all the tests.

  • Has reflashing to v27.1 finished correctly? If not, at which stage was it stuck?

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Reflashing was completely succesfull.

I will try the updater this morning and give you the result.

Thanks you

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And the blue is not blinking but steady…

Hi Guillaume,

If the blue LED is solid, you can enter instead.

Yeah, it is what I tried, I know that in hotspot mode it is

But the result is what I sent you…


Oh, sorry! I see it now.

Please check your PM. I’ve written you there since further troubleshooting can require sharing sensitive info.

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