M2 helical antenna mount

Been trying to find a solution to mounting the antenna on a tribrach, I’ve seen some of your solutions and just thought I would share mine.
It is made from a door stop with a bit of drilling and taping a thread on the bottom, height is 62mm with the thread adaptor…


will you use M2 as a base?

I think you need a metal plate of about 100 mm

from what you attached, " Ground plane. Helical antennas do not require ground planes."\

It can improve observation quality significantly. I have used them both ways and not seen a huge difference.

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As jp said you dont need a ground plane with the helical antenna.
I have set it up an taken 4 hours of static observations wich turned out good when post processed.

Hi guys,
since I abandoned the idea of integrating M2 on my Phantom 4 Adv I was looking for a good mount for M2 helical antenna.
I finally did it. I converted a standard surveying extension pole to M2 pole.
A little cutting and drilling and here we go.

If only M2 worked stable in base mode I will be happy.
This configuration is perfect for static sessions over benchmarks etc.


That’s really nice!

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