M2 for PixHawk and Windows 10 running Hydromagic

I am building a survey boat using Ardrupilot and Raspberry PI. Have an M2 that would like to set it up to send data to Pixhawk and at the same time Raspberry Pi running Hydromagic Eye4software. I am having problems getting data from the M2 through the USB-PC cable. we are also using Lora Radio for corrections from RS2 base. So i was told this is doable but i am having problems setting it up. I have updated the driver in windows so it now recognizes the M2 but cant get it to work with the Hydromagic software. If anyone has experience with this i would appreciate their advise.

Hi Tom,

It’s possible to output Reach M2 position via USB to Windows PC. Let’s first check that your PC receives data from Reach. For this, you can use the PuTTY app.

Step-by-step actions are the following:

  1. Set up Position Streaming in ReachView via Serial - USB
  2. Run PuTTY app
  3. Choose Serial connection type
  4. Specify COM port of Reach M2
  5. Change Speed to the same value as Baud rate in ReachView

Then click on the Open button. In the opened window, you should see the messages in the selected format.

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