M2 fix float problem

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I have question about how to solve fix-float data issue and what are the main reasons behind this error? As i am a drone pilot, and while processing data it comes float recently. What is the reason behind it, is there any hardware issue with M2?

It is most of the time a systemic problem. Signal quality will affect what the receiver can calculate with and on a drone, there is a lot of potential radio interference. It might be that the antenna is getting swamped with interference, or it might also be the receiver board that is not properly shielded. It can also be outside factors like powerlines or radio towers, but more often than not, the drone setup is causing issues.


Hi Hemant,

Gabriel’s words have a point. It indeed may be related to the quality of the tracked GNSS signals. And the quality can be affected by RF noises in a bad way.

But to say something more specific, I would like to check the raw data. Can you share that?

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