M2 extend bluetooth connection

I have M2 receiver and its antenna used in bluetooth connection with a data acquisition PC. It works as long as PC is next to M2.
I need to extend distance range PC-M2 in line of sight.
I use Miccus RTX Pro to extend bluetooth range.
Miccus works with two devices like for instance two smartphones or one smartphone and a bluetooth speaker.
But Miccus can’t connect to M2.
Miccus has bluetooth v 5.1
M2 bluetooth 4.0

Anyone knows if it is possible to extend bluetooth connectivity for M2 and how ?

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Hi Stefano,

Reach can hardly work with such types of devices. So it looks like there are no ways to extend the Bluetooth range. Is your M2 streaming its position to PC via Bluetooth? Do I get right that you want to extend the possible distance between the receiver and your PC?

Hi Liudmila,
thanks for your reply.
Yes, M2 is streaming NMEA messages to PC via Bluetooth.
Yes, i would like to extend the possible distance between the receiver and the PC in line of sight.
No way out…

Hi Stefano,

Ah, I see. There are also possible options to stream the position via TCP. This will allow you to extend the range of the position streaming. It should be longer than the Bluetooth range.

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