M2 doesn't turn on when connected to RPi4

Hey Hi ,
I am trying to extract data from the incoming USB of Reach M2,but device is not showing any light apart from orange when connected to any USB port of raspberry pi 4.
Please help me to connect Reach M2 with raspberry pi 4 with USB data transfer capability.
I tried previous blogs available on the forum but still its not working.Can anyone please give detailed steps for the same.

Hi Aditya,

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Usually, such LED status indicates that Reach M2 doesn’t get enough power to properly turn on. As Reach M2’s electrical specs are a bit stronger than for Reach M+, USB output from Raspberry Pi 4 might not indeed be able to supply the unit with enough power.

I’d recommend checking your Reach M2 with another power supply. If the unit turns on correctly, then you need to power it separately in order to make the unit work with your board. Please note that you can’t supply the power from several ports simultaneously. So there might be a need to modify the cable you use for the data transfer.

You can read more about powering the unit up in this Power supply guide.

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