M2 Cube GPS1


I am trying to get the M2 working on the Cube Orange GPS1 port mission planner shows No GPS

The RX-TX TX-RX lines are connected correctly and I have a dedicated SBEC for power the M2 boots with no issues, using reach view I can see about 17 sats
The led’s are solid orange, blue and green

The settings are as follows

Ardupilot v4.0.4
SERIAL3_BAUD = 38400 (same as M2)

M2 Position Output

I have the latest Firmware installed, updated on 6/3/20

I have tested the GPS1 port using a HERE2 with no issues

Am I missing somthing?


Following the setup on the docs page have no GPS on port GPS2 either

Hi Jed,

Welcome to our community forum. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

In your ArduPilot configuration, you are using ERB protocol for sending positioning data from M2. Could you try switching it to NMEA and see if it helps?

Also, may I ask you to send pictures of your setup, so that we can exclude any hardware issues?

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