M2 as base and rover


Currently looking around at the available products and i’m wondering if the following is possible. I read that you could use an M2 as base and RS2 as rover.

Is there anything preventing me from using 2 M2 units as both base and rover? I understand I need 2 external antennas, power supply and lora radios for RTK.

Is the Reach View app used the same, and is logging to RINEX the same as if using an RS2?

Is a 3D model of the external dual band antenna available? Or dimensions?

Thank you all

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M2 and RS2 is just the same system but combined with different peripheral-hardware in another package, so yes you can use 2xM2 (1 base, 1 rover), as long as you provide power and a way of communication between the 2.
afaik the only software differences are related to hardware differences (no battery, no 3G modem, …). I would choose based on your needs or specific usecase. The RS2 is really robust, outdoor proof, self powered, … kind of ‘Ready-To-Run’, the M2 needs more DIY-skills for project integration.

I don’t think a 3D model of the antenna is available (maybe emlid can confirm this or provide the model)


Thank you for the welcome and the answer! Much appreciated!

If you were to buy 2 M2’s, what would be the use ? Potato Farmer here on the forum uses his for tractor control in farm use

Its true I love the M2 for just about everything.

But I do really want a RS2, so I can go out in the fields and see if I can drain some sloughs. Also for surveying fences, and finding property markers. It just seems tailor fit for that work.

Also the RS2 would make a handy portable self contained base for the tractor.


That seems like a great use! Would you mind sharing pictures of your setups? Very curious to see how you implemented the M2s.


Emlid to Trimble 150 success

Here is the project thread for the Trimble 150, another poster has a thread where he used this method with a Raven autosteer with similar results.

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Hi @AeriaPhoto,

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Agree with Andy. I just want to add that you can check the GNSS antenna 3D model in the Reach M2 specs.

Thank you for the model! By the way, the LoRa models are broken/corrupted.


Hi @AeriaPhoto,

I’ve just checked that the LoRa radio models from the Reach M2 page can be opened fine. For example, you can try to open them in the ShareCAD Free online service.

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