M2 - Android/iOS Bluetooth connection + NMEA messages

I want to retrieve NMEA messages from bluetooth with an M2 connected to an android or an iOS device. Wonder if that’s even possible at the moment ?

I configured the M2 to use my phone’s shared wifi, and I connect my phone to M2’s bluetooth.
M2 is also configured to send position over bluetooth (position transmission n°1).

I’m stuck here as I have no clue how to check if I’m receiving any messages from the M2 over bluetooth. Do you have any app to check what I’m receiving ? Some samples to start with iOS/Android bluetooth M2 NMEA streaming ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Alexis,

Welcome to the forum!

You can send position via Bluetooth to Android only. Check if you receive the data through the Lefebure app, for example. In this Getting Reach coordinates on Android via BT guide we describe the connection process in detail. Generally, after the correct configuration, you will see the data stream in your app.

We’re here if you have any questions!

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Hi Polina,

Thanks for your response.

Do you know if any code sample on Android exist to have bluetooth messages ? It does work in Lefebure App but I need to do it in my app.

So if I understand well, there is no way to get NMEA messages over bluetooth on iOS devices ?

Thanks again.

Hi Alexis,

Can’t really help you with the Android coding. Maybe some developers’ forums would be of more help regarding this part. If you have any questions regarding the data we send, though, we’re ready to help!

You can receive the position to iOS via TCP, for example. Our guide on ArcGIS Survey123 integration explains how to organize it.

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