M2 and Raspberry for remote access

I’ve been thinking about how to remotely access my M2 that is installed in my house as an Ntrip base.
I was curious about the functionality of Raspberry.
Has anyone tried connecting the Raspberry to the M2 and leaving it on available for remote access?
With it would it be possible to access the M2, make settings, download raw data?
Which Raspberry model would fulfill this?

Basically I thought about connecting the Raspberry close to the M2, connecting to the same Wifi network, and releasing the Raspberry for remote access.
With that, you would be able to access the Raspberry and through the M2 IP access your panel.
Is my thinking dumb or am I thinking something possible and viable?

Hi Mauricio,

Your assumptions sound reasonable, but there’s a way to make it easier. To access remotely Reach, you need to assign it a static IP address.

There are two ways to accomplish it:

  • Connect Reach to USB dongle modem that has a SIM card with static IP address. Some network providers give them only to legal entities, not for individuals.
  • Connect Reach to a Wi-Fi network that provides by router with Ethernet connection, and assign static IP in the router’s settings. This option is also allowed by provider that may take a fee for it.

Regarding Raspberry, you’ll need to assign a static IP address as well as with Reach. Hence, I assume that you can do that directly with the receiver skipping Raspberry.

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