M2 and PPK

Hi All -
I have an M2 on a survey boat, and send NTRIP corrections from a UHF, and believe I am having battery/motor interference with the antennae based on the cycle slips apparent, but would like your opinion!

I have a lot off PPK questions, which I won’t ask just yet, but is it a fair assumption that garbage GPS data into the rover cannot be “fixed” with PPK? That is, I cannot mathematically correct the Float elevations with PPK?

Thank you!

What does your antenna setup look like?

I suspect the ant cable inside because its spaghetti in there, but nothing has really changed over the last 5 years I have been running it. I did recently replace the ANT cable which helped alot. I think the fact it sits so low low horizon sv’s are hard to see.

Also, with a kinetic PPK solution, is there anyway to strip out the antennae ellipsoid height over time?


One comment, you shouldn’t be trying to see anything on the low horizon. Those signals travel further through the atmosphere and so are more degraded. And secondly, and particularly in your case where it is so low, the potential impact of wash or waves depending on where you are operating creating multipath or even blocking the signal and adding to your slips. This could be magnified by the craft rolling.

Maybe not the root cause of your issues but that’s what the elevation mask is for and good practice to maintain a healthy amount in collection & processing, and maybe even some more if your circumstances need it.

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IMO that antenna needs to get up. For one you are in the water so you are already in the lowest space in the area and likely below the horizon. Second I see that you have an RF antenna right next to it and a spaghetti ball of wires underneath certainly doesn’t help but being a helical antenna it’s not going to be as susceptible to interference from below. Couldn’t hurt to line the area underneath with some aluminum foil. One last thing I can think of to try is to raise your elevation mask to 15-20 degrees so you aren’t tracking satellites on the horizon and through obstacles.


Hi Darren,

Sorry for replying late.

The results of the post-processing mostly depend on the data quality. So, if the logs are not good enough, you can hardly improve your results in Emlid Studio. You need to get better conditions in which the receiver operates.

So, I can agree with the previous comments. To improve your working conditions, you can try the following:

  • Place your antenna higher to get a clearer sky view.
  • Use a ground plane.
  • Keep Reach M2 far from other electronics, or isolate it e. g. with aluminium foil.

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