M+ showing upgrade section after restart


I’m using M+ with a recently updated version (2.22.3) and after restarts (random restarts in my application after turn off input power) the M+ showing the update screen. In some restarts, all starts ok, but other times, the update section is presented.

I’m accessing the +M connected in a router, via browser (Chrome).

Any tips to avoid this behavior?

Make sure the internet browser isn’t remembering the port number “:5000” and is going to the actual home page.


I’m sure the browser is not remembering the port 5000.

How you can see the address in the attached image, just the default ip address and default ip for http (80)


Thiago Tiedtke dos Reis

If you click in the address window it should show you the full name. Maybe you can force port 80?

Yes, I did it, and forced the :80 in the front of IP address.

Hi Thiago,

I don’t think it’s a hardware issue as this behavior occurs intermittently. I believe there might be a software glitch preventing Reach to operate as expected. That’s why I’d like to ask you to try performing a firmware reflashing procedure.

This guide explains how to do that.

Please note that all the data will be erased during the reflashing.

Keep us posted.

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I had similar happen to my M+. It notified me of an upgrade, I processed it and it notified me two more times. The 4th try was successful. I am running a beta Reachview version though…

Hi Michael,

Would you mind sharing the Full System report from the device (it’s better to send it in the PM)? We’d like to investigate why it happened.

PM sent. Thank you.

Hi Michael,

Sorry it tool a long time to get back to you!

Thank you for sending the Full System Report. It helped us determine the cause of the issue. It should be fixed with the last dev v2.23.3 update.


That’s great, glad it was helpful!


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