M+ question related to missing events and Firmware

Hi all, I have a M+ mounted on a UAV. I have been using it for a while without problems related to missig events.

The firmware version is 2.18.1 and the settings, after reading some posts back at that moment about missing events are:

It is doing well for now, my question is:

  • Is it recommended to update to the latest firmware? If I enable Galileo, will I have any advantages when it comes to post-processing?

  • Someone using the latest firmware can tell me if there are missing events problems and wich constellatios do you have enabled?

I’m asking this because If I update, I can´t go back.

Hi there,

No matter what firmware you use, the recommended settings for PPK mapping with Reach M+ stays the same. Even with the latest firmware, if you enable Galileo, you may experience event loss.

You can update to the latest firmware and use the same settings you currently have, it is supposed to work stably.

Ok thanks for your response @dmitriy.ershov .

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