M+ or M2 RTK with PPK backup?

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I am interested in the M+ or M2 RTK UAV Mapping Kits for a non DJI drone using PixHawk controller. Could you tell me if i can use the M+ or M2 with RTK (through NRTIP/CORS) and have it also create a RINEX backup for PPK?

Same question for the RS2, can it broadcast RTK, and create a RINEX backup for PPK?

Additionally, i read that it is not recommended to use the M2 as the primary GPS unit. Why is this, and what is a recommended primary GPS unit?

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The Emlid receivers are capable of RTK and PPK logging at the same time. You can turn it on before the session or just leave it on and it will start a new log each time the receiver is turned on.

If you have a + (L1) model and a 2 (L1/L2) then you will want to use the 2 as the base.

Its great to hear that i can use either the M+/RS+ or M2/RS2 for RTK with PPK backup, it gives great reliability and flexibility.

Are you able to explaing why it is not recommended to use the M+/M2 as the primary GPS unit, and what is a recommended primary GPS unit?

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I’m not sure why that was advised. Obviously it is easy to put the single receiver head on a tripod and go but you can do the exact same thing with individual components. This would allow you to easily plug in an amplified antenna and a big battery power station. I would advise to look around the forum as there have been several custom built enclosures for the M’s. Definitely want to weather proof it.

Sorry, i dont follow, doesnt the M go on the drone, and acts as the rover? Why would you need to put it on a tripod?

An M model can be used as either. I wasn’t quite clear on what you meant about “primary GPS unit”. To me that’s a base. Any Emlid receiver can be used a a base or rover (drone).

In the documentation emlid supply for connecting the reach M to pixhawk, it states that it should not be used as a primary gps on the drone. I’m not sure why that is. Perhaps because the reach m doesn’t have a compass?

I get it a little better now but I really don’t know much about Pixhawk. Just from what I searched it looks like they prefer a unit for navigation and another if you want to RTK geotag the images. I could be wrong but this is something that was revolutionary about the P4RTK and now all the other brands that are using the same GNSS chipset to do both. I also see something about a GNSS/compass combo unit. Now I understand why many of the larger drones have multiple antennas. I’ve been interested in the potential to start making our own drones inhouse so hopefully someone more experienced with that setup will chime in.

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Using 2 GNSS units on a drone is recommended just for safety reasons. The primary GPS will be used as a backup for Reach if the latter loses the Fix solution.

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