M+ New module no green light with latest update 2.22.3

I have a brand new reach m+ that appears to work but the green light won’t work? I already flashed 2.22.2 and updated the module to 2.22.3 and still no green light. The M+ shows up on my wifi network and I see it is gathering data and the satellites are visible in the app. Any suggestions on how to get the green light to work? Thanks.

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Hi @curryinhawaii,

Do I understand correctly that both the power LED and the network LED are lit up?

Yes, both the power LED and the network LED are on. Everything appears to be normal except the green light is off.

Hi @curryinhawaii,

Would it be possible for you to generate the Full System Report on the unit and send it to me in PM? It’d help us understand the issue better.

Hi @curryinhawaii,

Thanks for sharing the Full System report!

I’ll delete your message as the report may contain sensitive information. We’ll look into it and I’ll get back to you with news.

Hey there,

Let me give you an update. The issue with lighting up of the green LED will be fixed in the future releases.

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In this Reach RTK module, there is also a problem with the lack of a fixed solution in PPK (forward option). The LLH file shows the result. Here, the survey is by RTN method (RTN4 → SPYC).

SPYC0972forward.pos (683.4 KB)

SPYC0972combined.pos (683.4 KB)
During this period, another receiver with the Reach RTK module for a 20 km distant station had a fast initialization of 40 sec to the fixed solution (JOZ2 → SPXE). Here, the survey is by RTK method. (JOZ2 → SPXE).
solution_202004060615_LLH.pos (3.4 MB)

Introduction is here

Hi Ryszard,

It seems like you’re already in touch with Tatiana over this issue in this community forum thread. I’d ask you to continue the conversation with Tatiana there.

Hi @curryinhawaii,

Just wanted to give you an update. We’ve released the new dev version v2.23.5 which should fix the issue with lighting up of the green LED.

Please note that dev updates are not intended for the use in the filed. They mainly serve as early access to trying the latest features.

Thank you for the update. We loaded v2.23.6 and the green LED is still off. Not sure what to do now. Any suggestions?

Hi @curryinhawaii,

Would you mind generating the Full System Report on the unit once again and sending it to my PM?

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