M+ ,M2 mount on a aluminum heat sink

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Just a suggestion here , would it be an improvement to mount the M+, M2 on a aluminum heat sink like something off of a Drive? to disperse some heat or is there not enough contact from components to the aluminum? Just got mine and wondering how and where best place inside a attic to mount it.

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Wow, that’s a big honkin’ piece! Mine gets hot as well, but a lexan airfoil seems to do well on a drone. Maybe a mini computer fan tied into the system?

Hi @davehofer1993, thanks for the suggestions about this.

I recommend you remove the plastic cover and make a contact in the top of the device, close to the “CE” plotted text.

These images are showing what I did to avoid overheating when the device is installed inside de drone and exposed to the external temperatures in my country.

I have used three or four layers of cooper, separated by thermal pads (like a radiator), and the main contact is done with a thermal paste used in CPU modules.

For a while, this workaround is solving my problems.

How I have constraints of space and energy consumption (no way to use a fan), it appears to be a tangible workaround, at least for my application.

And again, in other integrations that I did around sept/2019, using the same M+ does not appear these overheating … This carried me to think to consider some firmware update is causing this, since the hardware is the same (Reach M+ Rev: E)



Will warranty still cover if you do that?

Hi @davehofer1993,

Indeed, I don’t know, but in my case, I have space limitations since Emlid release M+ (before, I using reach RTK based on Intel Edson), then I don’t have options.

Maybe, the guys from Emlid can explain about warraties when the case is removed.


Thiago Tiedtke dos Reis

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Hi all,

You keep the warranty unless you modify the hardware.


I recently ran the M2 for 2x 2hour sessions in 35°C conditions surrounded by EPO foam with no airflow at all. I had no issues at all and am pretty sure that the Emlid guys know what they are doing when it comes to the hardware limitations and the heat dissipation design.


back of my mind thinks so too.

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