M+ don't work only orange led

I have a problem with my unit M+ it shows only orange led.
I cant use it.
is there any way I can factory reset it?

i change the power bank to a better one didn’t work.
change the cable didn’t work.
Connected it to the pc didn’t work.
I can’t see the wifi of the M+.
I don’t know when the problem started I didn’t realize till now I use it one-month ego.

If its locked up get a paper clip and try this.

Also try powering up with the antenna, it shouldn’t need it to use the interface, but its worth a shot.

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I see that you’ve tried most of the recommendations for such an issue. You can try to reflash the receiver as @PotatoFarmer suggested. If it won’t help, please send the serial number of the device to support@emlid.com. I’ll take your email and find out other ways to help.

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thank. I’m training ill update


How is it going? I just wanted to check whether the suggestion helped to resolve the issue.

The m+ show me only red light.
No different even with the antenna on or off

Ill send you now email with the sireal.


Hi there,

We were troubleshooting this case via email with @GEEMAPS. And I just wanted to post an update here: after reflashing, Reach M+ started to work fine.

If you face a similar issue, don’t hesitate to write to us at support@emlid.com or create a new thread on the forum. We’ll look into it.

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