M+ as Base, RS2 as Rover. RTK with Emlid Caster Beta


I have:

-1 RS2. 2m above ground.
-1 M+. 1m above ground.

I wanted to try RTK with Emlid Caster Beta, using M+ as base and RS2 as rover, as it is easily to manipulate RS2 as a rover. They were 9m away from each other and the place is clear with no obstructions.

M+ was static on a know point and RS2 was also static on another point. It was difficult to get a Fix on RS2 and when it got Fix, it became float again. I tried 2 different RTK settings on base:
-Positioning mode Kinematic and GPS AR mode Fix and Hold
-Positioning mode Static and GPS AR mode Continuous

But it was difficult to get a Fix. 11 minutes until first Fix, and went Float again:

This is the “Position Tab” from the LLH file on RS2, where there is a variation on X, Y, Z in Fix coordinates, RS2 being static on the same point.

-What am I doing wrong?
-What are the best RTK settings on M+ Base? (GPS AR mode, Positioning mode, etc)
-Is there a minimun time to wait since M+ is L1 only?

After that, I changed correction input to a Ntrip base 77km away and it got Fix much faster, but since it is 77km away I can not trust the result.

I’m doing these tests because I would like to buy another RS but I still haven’t been able to get 100% reliable results.

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The RS2 expects a multi-frequency correction signal, so the M+ as a base for the RS2 will no work.
The opposite combination will however work.


Ok @wizprod,

So, I’ll have to try the other way, at least to see if I can get Fix with the M+ as a rover. And see if the Fix coordinates remains the same being on the same point.



Hi there,

Agree with Christian.

Just want to point out that you can’t get all the advantages of a multi-frequency system with Reach RS2 as a base and Reach M+ as a rover. Reach M+ can calculate the solution using L1-corrections only.


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