LTE modem

Removing usb-modeswitch and eject and doing lsusb i get:

Bus 001 Device 005: ID 12d1:1f01 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


that means your device is definitely in storage mode;
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install usb-modeswitch
remove the stick a few times and do lsusb (wait at least 5 seconds or longer after inserting for usb-modeswitch)
you wanna get ID 12d1:14dc (if you have e3372s-153)

No joy.

I guess i’ll get a new lte stick to see if mine is problematic.



i don’t remember to do anything other than inserting my usb stick (thought usbmodeswitch was already installed); i have a rpi3, on rpi2 it could be a power issue;
you could edit /etc/usb_modeswitch.conf and set SetStorageDelay to something like 6 or higher (don’t forget to remove the #) and check that autoswitch is on

Autoswitch is on in config file, tried up to 20 on delay but still on same ID, nothing changes.


sudo usb_modeswitch -v 12d1 -p 1f01 -M ‘55534243123456780000000000000011062000000100000000000000000000’

Run command, looks for default devices, finds it, looks like it does all its things correctly. Finds driver. Succesfully sends a message.
Tells me to look for chnges running lsusb, wich i do but no chnges…still same id as before.

I used the ’ ’ around the long number, is it correct?


yes ’ does work;
are you using a rpi2? you should add a powered usb hub in that case;



ifconfig doesn’t list eth0/1 device with after “succesful” modeswitch (wait 10 seconds after modeswitching - though device id stays the same)?

No it doesn’t show any new eth with ip.


my last guess, i’m out of ideas right now…:
sudo usb_modeswitch -v 12d1 -p 1f01 -M ‘55534243123456780000000000000a11062000000000000100000000000000’

i don’t really want to recommend flashing custom firmware because of the possibility of bricking your device…

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Great Benedikt, latest did the trick!!!

Do i have to put this line in rc.local?