LTE Modem RS2+

Hi, Does connecting the LoRa antenna to the RS2+ improve the LTE modem signal?

Hi @ajexgood,

The LoRa antenna has no influence on cellular signals. Do you have issues with the stability of your mobile data when using your Reach?

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HI, Zoltan.biber
No, I have no problem with the mobile signal. just wondering if it would help the LTE.

Zoltan is Alex I sent you an email with the 4 photos of the Reach Rx for warranty, can you reply? is about the warranty for disconnecting Bluetooth on Reach Rx.

Hi Alex!

It’s good to hear that you don’t have any issues with the mobile signals.
Regarding your issue with your RX, I’ve answered you via email. Let’s continue that conversation there to keep everything in one place.

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