Low power supply for Navio2 + Raspi4 builds

I have a Navio2 build that powered by a 6000mhA 3S 60C lipo battery. Somehow the Pi 4 keeps rebooting if it’s powered by lipo battery alone (all four BECs are plugged into the servo rail). I suspect its power consumption has excessed the power supply from the power module. What’s the head room for powering other peripherals which I can connect to Navio2+Pi4 setup?

I used pretty much all USBs for stereo cameras, extra processing power, telemetry module, plus an arduion nano with five ultrasonic distance sensor via UART port. I was planing for another camera with gimbal for tracking.

What’s the rule of thumb in terms of power supply? Do you recommend any product that can provide the power from the lipo battery to this system? maybe through the usb-c of Pi4?

Thanks for your advice.

You have to power these accessories from an external power source.

Power module can deliver around 2.25A. Some third party power modules are rated 3A but you need to find an external USB-C 5A to solve your problem.

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Do not put BECs in parallel. They will work “against” each other and heat up eventually. I had BECs on ESCs start to smoke after putting them in parallel accidentally. Remove the red wires from three connectors and leave only one red wire connected to the servorail. I sometimes use big capacitors in parallel to the power supply of the RPi to stabilize the voltage.

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