Low battery life and no updates

I have two RS2+ units and of course one as base and rover. The base battery life is abysmal, and I think it’s still under warranty from the company we purchased from but is anyone else running into this issue? Also, the app fails to recognize the new updates, but just for the base. The other unit updates fine on Wi-Fi but it seems the base can’t “identify” where to find the new update.

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Do you have the emlid flash tool on a computer, to manually update to the latest firmware?

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No, but after trying multiple times it finally allowed an update, but the battery issue, or indicator, still persists.

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What does your dealer say?

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Hi Michael,

The issue with the update existed on one of the older firmware versions, and now it’s fixed, so you should not experience it again. It used to happen in Wi-Fi networks with the weak signal.

As for the issue with the battery, can you please do the full battery cycle test and send us the FSR?

To do the test, please follow the steps:

  1. Leave the unit discharging until it shuts down completely.
  2. Connect your Reach to a stable power source such as a wall adapter or a PC. Ensure Reach LEDs indicate charging.
  3. Turn on Reach and leave it on an overnight charge (at least 9 hours).
  4. Disconnect the charge. Wait until Reach fully discharges and turns off itself.
  5. Connect the power supply and turn on Reach.

After that, please download the FSR and share it with us at support@emlid.com.


Can get it checked and/or replaced up to a year.

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We will try this process out and see what happens. Thank you.


Hi Michael,

How is it going? Does your issue with the battery indicator still persist? Did you have a chance to try @tatiana.andreeva’s suggestion?

Hi yes sorry, meant to provide an update. We ran it over the weekend till the battery went completely dead, and then recharged to full capacity. So far it appears to have reset the indicator and it is working properly.


It’s good to hear that! Thanks for the feedback!