Lost pitch, yaw, roll and accuracy after processing


After a flight with Mavic 3 Enterprise, I use Emlid Studio to postprocess data coming from my emlid RS2 base. Everything goes smooth and I overwrite metadata on original images. When I import the original (unmodified) images into Agisoft, it reads angle and accuracy. But when I import the processed images, they are not showing such values and draws agisoft processing incorrect… Could you please tell me if this is a known issue or if I can overcome it using another approach instead of overwriting metadata?

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Hi Jose, welcome to the community!

The Emlid team is aware that important flight parameters are being removed from the image exif when images are geo-tagged with corrected coordinates. We hope to see them add this functionality to Emlid Studio.

As a workaround until then, you can:

  1. Load the corrected images into Metashape, and export a reference file (.csv) with the corrected positions.
  2. Then start over, removing the corrected images and add the original image set into your project.
  3. Import the reference file (.csv) from the first step. Metashape should amend the positions.

Now you should have the corrected positions in addition to all of the other important image parameters.


Hi José,

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Dave is correct. This feature is not yet available in Emlid Studio, but his workaround should suffice. Please keep us updated on how it goes. I’ll add this to our feature request list until then.

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Thanks a lot for your response. That is great, I will follow the workaround!

Just one more question. If I follow this proposed workflow, the stimated accuracies are those from the un-corrected positions… Does this affect the accuracy of the final model? For example, If I use RTK, I will get accuracies of 0.01 or so and here I get 1.3 meters as I did not fly using RTK but performed PPK.


Firstly, understand that Metashape uses the camera accuracy field to apply a weighting, or influence to the image position during processing. A higher precision (lower #) receives more weight or influence during processing. Note that this is not the absolute accuracy, but just an estimate for weighting in processing.

So to answer your question, you can change the image accuracy to more match what it should be after being corrected by PPK.

To modify the image accuracy fields in all the images.

  1. Right-click on the accuracy field in the first image and then CTRL-A to select all images.
  2. With all images selected right click on them and in the context menu, select “modify”.
  3. Enter the new value you want.

Remember that this method requires that you have “Load camera accuracy…” checked in TOOLS > PREFERENCES>ADVANCED.

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Had similar issue with DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise M3E. It has an RTK module, but yesterday there was problem with the RTK correction service, so our pilot had to fly without RTK. So now I processed the images with Emlid Studio, using the nearest Finnish CORS station as a base.

Everything went smooth but when I imported the photos to Pix4D, I noticed the same thing as José, orientations and accuracy were missing.

So I suppose there is a similar workaround for Pix4D too?

Gonna try it on Monday.

I would assume so. But I don’t have Pix4D so cannot say.

If you run into issues, you could get a copy of RedToolbox. It is reasonably priced, and works well. There is a free trial that could get you over this particular project.


Thanks! I’ll check out the RedToolbox!