Loss of misnamed files and data

In version 31.3 the M2 unit is losing the Logging files.

The file is finalized in the application, we hope to compress it and then close it.

When you restart the device, the file simply disappears.

Or they have the logging record with the incorrect name and date.

File ziped

Converted Rinex

Hi @m.rocha,

Indeed, in release 31.3 there might be some cases when the logs are being saved with the wrong date in the interface. However, they shouldn’t just disappear. They still should be available but maybe under the wrong date.

Do you have the name of the log that got lost after the reboot? If you do, please send the Full system report and the log’s name to support@emlid.com. We’ll look into it.

Same for us in 31.6. It’s annoying

I see that my colleague Zoltan has already answered you in this thread. Indeed, the fix for all the Reach devices was released in 31.7 firmware version. Please let us know if your issue persists after the update.

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